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Hi everybody

I’m Jeff, welcome to my corner of the world.

This is a science fiction blog. I created this site mainly to chronicle my journey through the Hugo awards. For those of you not familiar, the Hugo is science fiction’s equivalent of the Oscar. Awarded each year since 1953, it recognizes the year’s best science fiction in movies, artwork, short stories, novels, and more. But here I’m going to be focusing on the novels in particular. My goal is to read each Hugo winner, from the first to the last. That’s a nice long list!

But that’s not all it’s going to be about. It’ll be music, movies, my views of the world, its history and its future, things that make me laugh, things that make me think. But always with a strong emphasis on the topic I’m possibly most passionate about: You guessed it, science fiction.

I want to find others who are as interested in S-F as I am, and talk about it with other like-minded people. Because I’m not only a science fiction fan, I’m a student of the genre: its history, highlights, and trends.

Along the way, I hope to amuse, entertain, provoke some thought, and possibly even inspire, by sharing some of the things that inspire me.

Okay, I think that about wraps it up for my intro, so let’s get going. But first I want to take a minute to dedicate this site to the great Robert A. Heinlein, the author and the man who has inspired me possibly more than any other, living or passed. As time goes by, I’ll be talking more about him and what I think makes him so great.



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