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What’s your superpower? July 25, 2011

Posted by Jeff in Uncategorized.

If you could choose one superpower to have, which would it be? Invincibility? The power of flight? Invisibility? Tomorrow’s newspaper today? (h/t to my Dad) Something else?

I’ve always had a desire for one in particular, and I’m not even sure it could be called a superpower. I used to call it “a key that fits every door,” but nowadays keys are often not enough. Now I just refer to it as “total access.” The ability to enter any space, room, or building I wanted. Not just that but also permission or clearance to be there, where people either wouldn’t notice that I was there, or they would see me and think “he’s okay to be here.”

As I’ve mentioned before, I have an insatiable curiosity. I’d use my superpower to find out things that I’ve always wondered about. I’d go into places that, as a rule, are not open to the general public. Places like the basement of the Smithsonian. Or the archives of the Library of Congress. Or the NORAD command bunker under Cheyenne Mountain. Or maybe the bunker complex underneath the White House. Or not get kicked out by George C. Scott: “You can’t let him in here! He’ll see the Big Board!”

Are you detecting a theme here? One of my favorite movies is National Treasure, with Nicholas Cage. I’m not really any kind of conspiracy theorist, but I do believe there’s a more-or-less hidden history of the US, and I’m fascinated by that kind of thing. Not hidden because of any malevolent intent, but unrevealed because it’s just too trivial, or of no important relevance to modern society. For example, I want to find out once and for all, what is the meaning of the symbology on our US currency?

Or here’s a biggie: Area 51. Fact or fiction? Or, there’s a site in Dallas that has the urban myth of being a nuclear missile launch site. Is it true? It’s on my list. (For Dallasites, it’s the wide space on I-20 just south of Mountain Creek Lake.)

I want to explore the hidden workings of Disney World. Go behind the scenes of Hoover Dam. Have an evening to myself at the telescope on Mauna Kea. I want to watch the fireworks over Manhattan from a private office on the top floor of the Empire State Building. See a space launch from close up.

Would I use my superpower for the greater good? Perhaps, after or during the fulfillment of my inquisitiveness. I’m not really the crusader-type, but certainly if it was within my ability to deflect harm from a large number of people, I would. I don’t know how that would happen, though. I’d have to find some bad people planning sinister things, and think of a way to thwart them. Publicity of their nefarious designs would probably be my first choice, in keeping with my philosophy of “knowledge is power.”

What’s your choice?



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